Derby Bentleys for sale
01. Feb 07
Chassis No Chassis series Body Type Rarity of Body Coachbuilder Colour Approx Condition Dealer Location Asking Price
B153 AE Saloon Standard I First delivery, c20 survive Park Ward Grey Appears Good School Garage Buxton, UK 79.950
B33 BL dhc Standard 150 originals Park Ward Blue/blue Appears Good Coupe Madrid
B153 BL Saloon Standard II Many Park Ward Green/black Appears Reasonable Real Car co n Wales 37.500
B200 DG dhc Rounded boot At least 16 originals Thrupp & Maberly Red Appears Good Private Spain
B56 EF dhc Parallel doors 4 originals James Young Green/black Reasonable Frank Dale London
B31 EJ dhc Standard 150 originals Park Ward Green Appears Good Coupe Madrid
3 1/2 litre Saloon Standard II Many Park Ward Red/Black Appears Fair Hans Compter NZ 38.500
B29 GP dhc ex Prince Chula At least 7 James Young Blue/blue Reasonable/Good Galleria Style et Auto Netherlands
B118 HK Saloon 6 light Airflow UNIQUE: 2 originals, only survivor Gurney Nutting Red Appears Very Good Charles Crail CA USA
B117 HM Saloon Razor edge ex B176 MR 5 originals Gurney Nutting Silver Appears Very Good Steenbuck Autos Germany Euro 69,700
B70 JD Saloon Standard III Many Park Ward Grey Appears Fair Malcolm Elder UK 29.950
B141 JY dhc 4 door All weather 19 originals Vanden Plas Green/green Very Good Coys London
B174 KT Sedanca similar to Owen sedanca UNIQUE Erdmann & Rossi Black Show Silent Sports Car Club Scotland 180.000
B185 KU Saloon Split windscreen One of 6 surviving 4.25 saloons, unique Arthur Mulliner Green/black Show (winner) P&A Wood Essex 125.000
B132 LS fhc 2 light 4, all survive Vanvooren Black Appears Very Good BlackHawk Collection CA, USA
B162 LS Saloon Swept roof, projecting boot UNIQUE Gurney Nutting Green/Green Very Good Silent Sports Car Club Switzerland 65.000
B8 MR fhc 2 light UNIQUE de Villars Dk Blue Very Good P&A Wood Essex 95.000
B73 MX dhc 2 light UNIQUE Barker Black Appears Very Good P&A Wood Essex 105.000
B81 MX dhc Concealed hood, ex Lord Althorp 2 originals HJ Mulliner Dk Pacific Blue Show Frank Dale London 175.000
B105 MX dhc non-orig running boards 39 Originals Vanden Plas Green/black Good P&A Wood Essex 135.000
4 1/4 litre Special WO style Several Bob Burrell Green Appears Good Private UK 85.000
4 1/4 litre dhc 3 position, 2 light ex other chassis Several Hooper Cream Appears Very Good Steenbuck Autos Germany Euro 122,000
Note: "Appears" means we have no personal knowledge of condition, only judged from photos and info provided by seller