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‘An excellent book…world class… I only keep two books on Classic Bentleys in my office at Crewe, The R-Type Continental Register and Bentley Beauty.’

Dr Ing Franz-Josef Paefgen, Chairman and CEO, Bentley Motors

‘I have just received your magnificent book on Derby Bentleys.  What a masterpiece and what an achievement. It has been a pleasure meeting with you while you were amassing some of the materials for the book ... The result of your efforts simply speaks for itself and is destined to become one of, or even the, definitive books on Derby Bentleys.  The hobby owes you both a debt of gratitude. Congratulations!’

Matt Sysak, Rolls-Royce Owners Club Inc.

Thank you for the magnificent book "Bentley Beauty". I am so impressed with it. It is a very useful tool for me and the design team as a reference to our direction with brand development."

Dirk van Braekel, Director of Design and Concepts, Bentley Motors Ltd, Designer of the Bentley Continental GT Coupe

‘If any Derby Owners’ wives are looking for a birthday present for their husbands I can thoroughly recommend this book, it is truly beautiful.’

Norman Borrill, BDC East Midlands Region Newsletter

I've read through "Bentley Beauty" several times, and I must tell you that it is a truly wonderful book!  I had assumed that little further could be said about Derby Bentleys, but you have significantly added to my understanding and appreciation of the car and its coachwork.  Congratulations on a super job!

Matt Sonfield, Oyster Bay, Long Island NY, long time Derby Bentley owner and member of BDC and R-ROC

‘You have made a tragic error in your title selection!! I would have thought BENTLEY BIBLE would have been an obvious choice. Must be your diffident, Scottish modesty at work. I have spent countless hours pouring over the contents of your wonderful book and sharing it with other mentally deprived car persons. You and Tomas should be very proud of your accomplishment.’

Neal Kirkham, Member of R-ROC, Pebble Beach Judge, Restorer of Derby Bentleys and Rolls-Royces

‘The book has indeed arrived and I am especially delighted with it as B3MX is awarded prominent display and earns complimentary words. But in whole, a lovely book representing a noble endeavour. Congratulations.’

Jules Heumann, Pebble Beach Judge

‘Your Herculean work in creating Bentley Beauty puts us all in the shade. It is a phenomenal masterpiece – beautiful photography of outstanding cars in stunning settings accompanied by fascinating well-crafted writing that informs as well as entertains. I knew it was going to be a good book but the end result goes far beyond that…Our Derby Bentleys' future is much enhanced by this superb book.'

James Tucker, Registrar, R-REC Derby Bentley Register


‘It's fabulous! It's wonderful! It's a thing of beauty! It's a great and important achievement!...Part of the strength of Bentley Beauty is that it is chock full of carefully researched information that has never been published before. To my mind, that is the measure of an important book. And because the information is logically and elegantly ordered, it is easy and pleasant to refer to it….From a standing start, Bentley Beauty has become the standard work. Congratulations.'

Simon Taylor, Editor at Large, Classic and Sports Car magazine


‘The best Derby Bentley book ever!'

Paul Wood, P&A Wood, Derby Bentley restorers


‘Today I received my copy of Bentley Beauty, and I have to say I am very disappointed with it. This is not what I expected at all. The book has not only cost me a considerable sum of money, it has also opened my eyes to what is out there, thus forcing me into deciding which type of Derby to go for, and such a burden is wholly unacceptable. If I had not bought the book I may have settled for a less model, but now I am personally committed to going for a much more beautiful, and therefore more costly, body shape. I hope you are happy with this result!! My wife may have something to say about this transfer of affections, however. Joking apart, I love the book, and am pleased to have acquired a copy.'

Graeme Storey, Shetland Islands, an intending owner


‘Just thought I would drop you a line to say how much I have enjoyed your book. It is a real magnum opus, wonderfully illustrated and thoroughly researched. My only complaint is that it leaves no need for further publications on the Derby Bentley.'

Tim O'Rorke, long time owner of Derby Bentleys


‘Best 117 Pounds sterling I have ever spent – what a book! I am absolutely thrilled with it. Thanks for so much pleasure.'

M Bunting


‘Bentley Beauty is both an essential reference work for those with any interest at all in the Derby Bentley and an art book of surpassing loveliness. The scholarship is sound…The photos are interesting, informative, and magnificent; the new illustrations are delectable. The book's coverage is remarkably complete. Highly recommended , to say the least.'

Philip C Brooks, in a review in the R-ROC's Flying Lady, July/August 2004


‘A superb achievement'

Mick Walsh, Editor, Classic and Sports Car, reviewing Bentley Beauty


‘It's a masterpiece. What a tremendous book you have produced. One to absorb many happy hours. Congratulations to you both on such a high quality production.'

Oliver Stocken, intending owner


‘…I think it is absolutely excellent – by far the best and nicest produced book on the Derby Bentley I've seen. Credit is due to you both.'

Peter Miller, Automobile Artist and Derby Bentley owner

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