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Contact and Contributions:


If you want to contact us, please do so by email to


If you would be willing to help build this site into a comprehensive resource for Derby Bentleys by providing photos of vehicles, please note the following:

1. All photos provided will remain the property of the provider if in material form, but the provision thereof will constitute a licence to us to keep digital copies of the same and use them on this website as part of our photographic archive accessible to the public, but for no other purpose. Once we have scanned material photos, we will return the originals to you.

2. To assure you of confidentiality, in no circumstances will we reveal the identity of the owner of any car to the public or to any person on inquiry, unless for any reason obliged by law to do so and then only to the least extent required. We will maintain as confidential all personal information relating to owners in the same manner. In particular, but without prejudicing the generality of the foregoing, we will not respond to requests for information from trade sources regarding identity of owners. We may forward any such requests to owners to be dealt with at their discretion.

3. We would prefer to receive photos of cars in digital form as jpeg files by email, in reasonably high resolution and with the chassis number clearly identified as part of the file name. We wish to create a database with three views of each car included: side facing right if possible, quarter front and quarter rear. We seek as good quality photos as possible and from experience would suggest that attention is given to background, lighting and framing of the subject in the photograph. The best photos for our purpose include only one car in each photo, so that there is no distraction from the main subject of the photo.

4. We will be happy to receive photos by mail in print form, for scanning and return to the sender. The guidance in para 3 above applies to subject matter and composition etc. Please send by mail to
Lomond Lodge
Glasgow G63 9NJ

If you wish to add to this resource by sending ownership histories or anecdotes involving Derby Bentleys, please do so by email as far as possible, attaching text preferably as Word documents. However, please do not hesitate to submit information by post if this is easier for you. All copyright will be retained by the provider but a licence to use the same for the purposes of this website will be deemed to be given to us by the submission of the text to ourselves.

If you feel that other protection of your interests is appropriate, please let us know. As owners ourselves, we are as keen as you are that this site and information contained herein is not abused. We have endeavoured to provide an initial information base from which we invite all interested parties to build together a comprehensive resource.

Who are we?

This site is owned and has been developed by Neill Fraser and Tomas Knapek, the first being a member of the RREC and the BDC, and an enthusiastic owner of Derby Bentleys. All statements of fact or opinion, where not contained in information provided by third parties, are the responsibility of Neill Fraser and copyright therein is owned by Neill Fraser. If you have comments or concerns, please write to Neill Fraser at

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