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The Silent Sports Car Club

If you are an owner or admirer of Derby Bentleys, why don't you join our Club! 

Membership is free. In return for filling out a simple application form, you gain access to the Membership area of this website and will receive occasional emails letting you know of changes, improvements, news and comments. The Membership area has listings of events etc and also a monthly listing of Derby Bentleys for sale. If you are in the market to purchase a Derby Bentley or to sell your car, then this will be an invaluable resource for you as you will be able to track the market and what is currently available. 

The Silent Sports Car Club has a clear and undivided focus on Derby Bentleys and their owners, unlike the Bentley Drivers Club, Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club in the UK, the Rolls Royce Owners Club in the US or Australia. If you want up to date information news and views pertinent to Derby Bentleys, we provide it!

All we ask is that you supply us with three photos, preferably in digital format, of your Derby Bentley(s) to add to our database of pictures on this website. The photos should be 

A side view (car facing to right)
A quarter front view (offside front wing nearest camera)
A quarter rear view (Offside rear wing facing camera)

And should be identified with the chassis number and coachbuilder in the file name. Further photos of interesting features of your car(s) and any anecdotes of ownership (yours or previous) and ownership histories would be most welcome to increase the resource that this website represents.

Don't delay! Join our Club today!

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