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Please email us at, if you would like further details of any of the vehicles advertised, including contact details for the seller.
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1. General
1.1 The information is given without any warranty or liability regarding accuracy of condition, current status, or factual content. Any interested potential purchaser should contact us at for further information or contact details for the seller or agents.
1.2 The asking price is simply that: experience shows that the figure is usually a starting point for negotiation.
1.3 The number and variety of cars offered currently is higher than for some time. Price tends to reflect rarity, desirability, condition and subjective matters such as colour scheme. Normally costs of full professional restoration will exceed most prices attainable. Thus sensible people buy restored cars in excellent condition! Good Derbys in excellent to concours condition are always going to cost between £60,000 and £100,000 and some a lot more, whether you buy restored cars or you buy and restore, unless you do most of the restoration work yourself.
1.4 Each car will be different, with a different character and driving characteristics. Some will be light and fast, others more solid and of restrained performance. For long term satisfaction, it is important for a purchaser to find a car that suits. With the choice available this should be possible!

Updated: February 1, 2007
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