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The Silent Sports Car Club can now offer its members a new service: when the sad day comes to part with your Derby Bentley, we know you will wish to find a new owner who will continue to cherish your car while paying a realistic price for that privilege and without you having to pay away a large part of that price in fees or commissions to intermediaries. Potential purchasers can be a long way away (the market for Derby Bentleys is a truly global one!) and will often be loathe to travel to inspect your car without a reasonable degree of assurance about the condition of the car.

To help you to achieve your objective, we have devised the following scheme to bring vendors and purchasers together. A simple advertisement with a single photograph is insufficient to provide a purchaser with the assurance he/she is looking for. Thus, we propose to intending vendors that a potential purchase is conducted in 3 stages:

Your car will be listed on our Cars for Sale listing but will be highlighted there with a link to its own page where we will show a series of selected, carefully taken and presented photographs of your car, generally available to all visitors to our website, together with a short description of the car, written by us and agreed with you.

A comprehensive dossier on your car. We will travel to meet with you for this purpose. Neill Fraser, Secretary of the Silent Sports Car Club, owner of possibly the finest collection of Derby Bentleys in the world and organiser of the Derby Bentley’s 70th Anniversary, will inspect and test drive your car. Tomas Knapek will take photographs under Neill’s direction to create a full professional photographic summary of all salient aspects of your car, giving a reasonable and honest record of the physical appearance and condition of the car. We will also ask you to commission an independent report from an engineer experienced in Derby Bentleys regarding the mechanical condition of your car. Neill Fraser will then drive the car and give an independent appraisal of its driving characteristics, the condition of its bodywork and interior, and an informed opinion of its character, the rarity of its style of coachwork and any possible areas of concern for a future owner noted in the course of his visit.

This dossier will then comprise:

1. The photographic record of your car

2. The independent engineer’s report

3. The independent report from Neill Fraser

4. Such history of previous ownership and past maintenance/restoration work as may be available

This dossier will be available via email or post in paper or CD format to a registered member of the Silent Sports Car Club on receipt of payment of a fee of £85/$140/ euro 130 per dossier.

If, after receipt of the dossier, a prospective purchaser wishes to proceed further and inspect the car personally, introductions will be made and as much assistance as requested will be given to both parties. If negotiations ensue, then Neill Fraser will be happy to offer assistance, if required, to achieve a mutually acceptable result.

On completion of a sale, we will provide both vendor and purchaser with copies of the photographs of the car in an elegant presentation folder, to ensure you retain a record of your period of ownership.

This service offers vendors access to the global market through the medium of this website whose target audience is those interested in Derby Bentleys. Prospective purchasers are offered a realistic means of assessing possible purchases with little outlay or wasted time and with the assistance of informed opinions of an experienced and independent enthusiast and an independent engineer’s technical report. The vendor will be consulted and kept informed throughout this process.

The costs of such a service, on a fixed fee + expenses basis, will be agreed beforehand and will be good value for both vendor and purchaser when compared with a transaction through an auction house or a classic car dealer. The Silent Sports Car Club reserves the right to accept or refuse to advertise any car for sale. The identity of vendor and purchaser will be kept confidential.

Whether vendor or potential purchaser, if you want an independent, informed, discreet sales service in relation to a Derby Bentley, then email Neill Fraser at for further details or phone him on +44 1360 550116, at any reasonable time, GMT!

With the Club and our website still in its infancy, we have already been able to assist a member of the Club in his search! May we assist you?

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